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PO4 removal with Iron help please !!!


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this is my first post, I am Ponraj from India, a beginner reefer. Will soon post my images after getting succeeded.

I have trying for DSR nearly a year and now in my nutrients controlling stage. Nitrates are brought constant to 2.5 and my phosphates are in a swing between 0.04 to 0.074 (Hanna ULR checker). So far I have not started with iron dosing since I am not sure and also using Rowaphos, For last two weeks I have stopped using Rowa and started with iron dosing when my PO4 is at 0.067. I have started with 0.03ppm and reached 0.15ppm are as below,
06Apr18 - 0.067
08Apr18 - 0.086
09Apr18 - 0.248

I have added Rowaphos on 09Apr18. Is it normal to get this raise when dosing with iron. Please advice

---- update ----

Can anyone help me,
I want to share more on this, Since I am in India buying DSR products are costlier including the transportation so I am using Iron II Citrate for iron dosing

Balance all testings including the test equipments I am following as per DSR, below or the things which I have changed,

1-Not using DSR salt mix (due to cost) Having water with Skimz Reef pure salt
2-Using a canister filter with sponge instead if power filter and changing sponge every week
3-So far used ROWA for Phosphate and want to go with Iron.

Thanks for your suggestions and advice.

---- update ----

Present FTS of my tank.
WhatsApp Image 2018-03-31 at 13.56.59.jpg WhatsApp Image 2018-03-31 at 13.57.02.jpg

---- update ----

I think no body is willing to help me :(:(:(:(


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[QUOTE = Joyceabc; 1363111] You can look on Facebook dsrreefing

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Thank you so much for your reply. I have sent and request in face book to join in the DSR reefing group to the admin


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Dear Mr.Glenn,

Thank you so much for your reply will look on the same. It will be better for me if you are giving your products for some dealer in in India. If so please let me know.
I myself don't do distribution.
I sourced it out to the professionals who specializes in distribution.
Doing so i have more time for chitchat and development. Both which i like most.
Visit the distributor section of my website.

happy DSR reefer