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New to Ams


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Hi guys!

I am new to Amsterdam and am looking to get back into having a reef aquarium.

I had a really nice setup before and am looking to have a bigger aquarium this time off.

I want to buy a 2º hand aquarium already setup.

Also can you give me references of shops in AMS and serious private coral breeders in AMS?

See bellow my previous aquarium and build:


Build Part 1

Build Part 2


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Nice build there and nice tank .
You have also leonardo in Amsterdam he is an coral breeder and has also an webshop .


René van der Bel
Welcome and what a nice tank you had!!!

I live in Amsterdam myself, my favourite shops are:
- Aquaasan (north of Schiphol airport)
- Corals at Sea (in IJmuiden)
- Ocean and Lake (near Veenendaal, 45 min drive, awesome shop definitely worth the drive)
- Leonardo’s Reef (as mentioned, although he lives in Ams, his shop is in Almere)
- Coral and Fragshop (in Wassenaar near The Hague is also great)

- Ilona’s reef (in Uithoorn, never been myself)
- Ultra fish is cheap but the quality of the live stock reflects that. I don’t recommend it.

Further a field:
- Coral and Fish store in Breda
- Aqua Compleet in Rotterdam
- Reef Corner in Neerglabbeek, Belgium.
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HI guys,

Thanks for the tips!

Are there any good spots to get ocean water for aquariums?